01 Observing Nature—

COVID-19 has brought about many fast-moving changes that can be stressful and difficult to keep up. Anxiety and uncertainty over the state of the world is felt by every individual in their own way.

There is a sense of comfort from observing nature reclaiming the urban landscape. With people staying inside, air pollution has been observed to have gone down. Will this experience be the change that we needed to rethink the way we interact with nature?

Inspired by the poem “There Will Come Soft Rains”, poet Sara Teasdale observes the world when humanity is completely gone due to war. I reinterpreted her words as humanity only hiding from the world, observing the natural landscape from their window during this pandemic.

02 Design Desk Plants—

Design Desk Plants is an interactive data visualization experience based on the data from the AIGA 2019 Design Census. We wanted to show how the way people work compares with their design values by generating a personalized plant for them.

Designed in collaboration with Cindy Zhang, Hannah Cai, and Julia Nishizaki

03 Is Our Heart in the Work?—

‘Is Our Heart in the Work?’ was a campaign initiative that was dedicated to promoting conversations and a positive community between students that feel defined by the campus stress culture.

The campaign aimed to help Carnegie Mellon University students deal with stress by creating an environment that encouraged healthy conversation and with the goal of redefining campus stress culture.

Designed in collaboration with Jacob Paul and Audrey Zheng