Conversation Insights

Summer 2020

Product Design Intern

Community Managers want to be able to leverage analytics to understand and improve engagement, reach, and sentiment. Without these insights, it is difficult for them to understand overall reach and employee engagement.

This past summer (2020), I worked on the Yammer design team and was tasked with the responsibility of creating the end-to-end design of Yammer's 'Conversation Insights'—a feature aimed to empower Community Managers with rich insights on individual posts. I was able to introduce a "quick-view" feature, a top-level experience that is inclusive of managers that are not as data-literate as others.

The feature is currently in the process of getting shipped, so if you are interested in learning more about my project, please reach out to me!


I gained a lot of confidence as a designer as it was my first opportunity to create an end-to-end feature within Yammer's complex system. My manager and mentor gave me the nudges I needed to continue moving forward while also giving me the autonomy to do my own research, iterations, prototyping, and design feature presentation. It was an exciting opportunity to get to work with an engineering team and a PM for the first time as well, as they gave me a peek into how designs get implemented and shipped.

This summer internship was definitely interesting. Despite the new WFH environment and 3 hour time difference, the team was what really made the experience special.

Thanks to the team:

Mentor: Angela Wang
Manager: Greg Arroyo
PM: Sameer Sitaram
+ rest of the Yammer team!